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Get My Cases Placed Quickly What Can Provada Do For You? Help Me Grow My Business

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What Provada Clients Are Saying

Our first case with Provada proved to be a very complex and multi-faceted combination of multiple life policies and a large limit disability contract to accommodate the legal bindings of a unique business arrangement. With the owner in one jurisdiction, the insured in another jurisdiction, and exams to be scheduled at a remote vacation home, Provada took on the challenge with speed, professionalism, and the ability to get the job done.

From the start, they came through with suggestions and quotes to accommodate the owner’s objectives. The underwriting staff is a pure joy to work with – personable, efficient, knowledgeable and quick to return emails and phone calls and assist in any way possible. Even, with all the curves a carrier can throw, Provada came back with a job well done. We have continued to look to them for assistance for our most unique cases and they have made it happen with offers each time.

They are great!

Larry Kachler
Plumhoff & Associates
What Provada Clients Are Saying

We have been extremely pleased with our relationship with Provada since we began placing life insurance business through them in 2003. They have been of invaluable assistance to us with carrier selection and navigating the challenges and complexities of the always changing underwriting process. We particularly value their responsiveness to our questions and their willingness to pursue what is best for our clients.

Don Gray
Wells Fargo Insurance Services USA, Inc.
What Provada Clients Are Saying

My friends at Provada are invaluable to our start-up broker-dealer and insurance agency. The staff is very knowledgeable and their expertise has helped on several complex cases.

The response time seems instantaneous. The tools on their website, as well as the broad range of products, makes us look like we've been doing this for years. They even helped us with our business licensing when we first got started and we were up and running within a week.

I've never had that good of back office support before.

Scott Williams
OneShare Insurance Solutions
What Provada Clients Are Saying

Our company has been working with the Provada team for over a year now. I cannot tell you how happy we are with the service and the people. I have worked with numerous brokerage companies in the past and I would highly recommend Provada. They are fast and responsive to your requests. They have a great team!

Trent Bryson
Bryson Financial Group
What Provada Clients Are Saying

I've been involved with the people from Provada for many years and find them invaluable to my business in many ways. They offer advanced underwriting back room assistance. They have great relationships with their insurers. And they know how to treat brokers. What else can you ask for?

David Levee
Levee Financial Group
What Provada Clients Are Saying

I was introduced to Provada by a close business friend. The relationship has been very successful and rewarding. Provada has been able to solve problems for me and my clients, that I would never have figured out alone. The fact they handle so much of the back office effort allows me to provide greater service and substantially better results for my clients and prospects.

Bill Upson
Strategic Asset Management Group
What Provada Clients Are Saying

I've used Provada for my life and annuity needs for several years. Whether it's their staff or the extremely user friendly website - the service always exceeds my expectations.

Evor Vattuone
Aspire Capital Management
What Provada Clients Are Saying

Provada staff always responds to our questions and emails. They advise us on the best carriers for our clients' health issues.

Susan Shargel
Shargel & Co. Insurance Services
What Provada Clients Are Saying

Provada's team knows what I want and need. They have done a good job in helping me grow my business.

Ken Ye
Ken Ye Insurance Services

Life Insurance Brokerage and Marketing

As of 2013, Provada is now Gateway Insurance Solutions offering all of the same products and exceptional service as always. Gateway has more than 40 life insurance and annuity carriers and continues as a national insurance marketing organization.

For information on inbound marketing services concepts, please see our affiliated company, Crush My Market.

Gateway offers products from the industry's top carriers, focusing on life insurance and annuity sales. We offer top compensation along with our long tradition of excellent sales support, impaired risk underwriting, and case management assistance. We help insurance agents find the right product for their clients and do everything possible to put that police inforce in an expedient fashion.